The Wisest Wordy Sock's Tour Of Outer Sock World 🧦 🌏

I see you've returned to hear more from old Wisest Wordy Sock. Now, where did we leave off the last time I spoke? Ah yes. I told you about the Downtown area of Sock World and all the experiences on offer to Lost Sock. I spoke of Sock World Central Meeting Hub, the Grand Sock World Library And Learning Centre where I reside, the Sock World Parks and Gardens with the Bed Frame Trampoline Zone, The Laundromat, and of course, the Sock World Tiki Bar and Beach Club. There certainly is a lot going on Downtown, and no matter what a Lost Sock needs, it's all there for them 🤗

Of course, Sock World is much bigger than just the Downtown area. It expands beyond those places to offer Lost Socks greater levels of adventure, wisdom, and experience. As Wisest Wordy Sock, I've dedicated myself to learning all there is to know about every aspect of Sock World. I have personally explored every inch of this island nation. Oh, didn't I mention that Sock World is, in fact, a giant island? Well, it is! Mark my word, Sock World is no ordinary island floating in an ocean. It is, in fact, an island that floats seemingly in thin air. Sock World exists in a magical space somewhere between all of time and space.

During The Greatest Darning Of All Time, The Laundry God chose this place to create the wonder of Sock World. It is a place of beauty, safety, and pure magic. Despite all that, Sock World still has its own climate, seasons, and of course, daylight cycle. The sun still rises at the day's commencement and sets at its end. In between, there is plenty to explore and discover - so let's do some of that now while the light is still good ☀️
Some believed that the Earth was flat in the human world - a preposterous notion given all that science has taught us. While the idea of a flat Earth is hard to swallow, I must point out that Sock World is as close to 'flat' as you could find land. Sock World exists in a magical plane of existence, and as such, it floats unaffected by the forces of gravity. Rather than being a micro-planet hanging in space, Sock World appears more like a suspended chunk of rock. It's quite remarkable to behold, especially for those of us Lost Sock who spends considerable time exploring and understanding the physics of Earth.

Putting that aside, let's discover some of the outer realms of Sock World. Last we spoke, I told of the peaceful and relaxing Sock World Parks and Gardens with tree-lined paths and green fields. Beyond the carefully sculpted gardens and mowed fields is the Great Sock Forrest with towering evergreens and lush undergrowth beneath the canopy. The Great Sock Forrest is a place of wonder and whimsy. While Sock World is a magical place, some parts have magic beyond measure - the Great Sock Forrest is one such place 🌳 🌲

If you keep walking through the Great Sock Forest, you will eventually start to notice a trodden path appear upon the Forest floor. Intermittently along the way, you will also notice old stone pillars that are moss-covered and dilapidated. Peer at one long enough, and you will discern the shape of a stone clothesline peg, for you are now upon the Pilgrim's Path. Beyond the forest and along Pilgrim's Path, you will notice the land start to rise and become hilly. In the distance, a rocky range of mountains and a single tall peak ⛰️
You see, Pilgrim's Path is the way that leads to Pilgrim's Peak. A place that many say is the Laundry God's place of solitude and contemplation. All Socks can undertake the pilgrimage to the mountain peak seeking the wisdom of the Laundry God. As the pathway winds higher and higher, there are statues of great socks, Laundry baskets, and of course, the Laundry God themself. An old sock has even set up a cart selling small statues of the Laundry God to passing pilgrims 🗿

Just beyond the Sock World Tiki Bar and Beach Club, a sandy path leads to a clearing that gives way to an oasis-like lagoon brimming with the clearest water you've ever seen. The sandy shores of the lagoon glimmer in the sunlight like a million scattered gems. The lagoon sits right on the edge of the island that is Sock World, and in warmer weather, the sounds of Lost Socks frolicking can be heard from miles around. Socks line the lagoon's shores and soak up the sun or play on the beach 🧦 🏖️

As the Wisest Wordy Sock, it is obvious to all that I am the most knowledgeable of all that exists within and relates to Sock World. So you can imagine my shock and disbelief when in passing, fellow Leftie, Stripes, asked me what all the commotion was in Downtown Sock World. I laughed and told Stripes that there was likely no commotion as I was unaware of it. Stripes explained that a large area next to the Sock World Parks and Gardens had been fenced off with no way in.
I left Stripes behind to see for myself. Upon arrival, I discovered that the walls were too high to see over, and they were plastered with Warning, Danger, and Do Not Enter signs. After a thorough investigation, I am convinced that no Sock in Sock World knows what is on the other side of that fence. At times the loud banging and clanging of construction work can be heard! Yet no one is seen going in or coming out. Who is in there? What are they building? Only time will tell - until then, I will continue my investigation.

I am feeling quite flustered and out of sorts and must insist on ending our tour of Sock World for the time being. Let me say this; Sock World is a place of magical wonder that, quite clearly, still has mysteries and experiences yet to unfold 🧐