The Wisest Wordy Sock’s Tour Of Downtown Sock World

Perhaps a Sock of my stature and import needs no introduction but never one to shy away from the limelight; here goes. My associates call me Wordy, but my full title is The Wisest Wordy Sock Of Sock World. While it's true that my Leftie status has left me more enlightened than half the population, it must be pointed out that I am so much more than that. Prior to my Great Darning, my human world role was to provide all-day comfort and support to an Associate Professor. We lectured in Sociology and Political History at a prestigious academic institution.

I did say I was Wordy, did I not? Let me proceed. By now, you've heard the story of The Legend Of The Laundry God and how they stepped forth from the planes of all existence to create Sock World through the Greatest Darning Of All Time. An event that stitched the very fabric of cotton, wool, bamboo, and even nylon into a new land - Sock World. While the Laundry God has not explicitly said that I am more enlightened than all other socks, that brings us to the topic of our story today - and the destination, for that matter.

As you've no doubt heard, the Great Darning peacefully places all Lost socks safely in Sock World. However, you may not realize that wherever in Sock World they wake appears to be completely random. For the Lost Sock, arriving or appearing on Sock World causes momentary confusion. Some arrive in the Great Sock Forrest. Others appear on the shores of the Sock World Lagoon. There is no rhyme or reason to where The Great Darning deposits a Lost Sock in Sock World.

While it is random, the most common arrival location for many Lost Socks is smack in the center of downtown Sock World. More specifically, they appear or arrive at the Courtyard of the Sock World Central Meeting Hub. It is, in fact, the very locale that I, The Wisest Wordy Sock, arrived in Sock World so very long ago. It is by far the most populous and busiest place in all of Sock World - except for the lagoon on a hot Summer's day. Let's begin our journey today in the courtyard of the Central Meeting Hub

The Sock World Central Meeting Hub is an ample open space like a piazza or public square. Sitting centrally in the court is a large circular bandstand with steps leading up on four sides to represent the directional points - North, South, East, and West. The bandstand is adorned with a spire roof that provides shelter and sanctuary in all inclement weather. The foot of the bandstand is surrounded by garden beds brimming with seasonal Pansies, Daisies, Foxgloves, and Snap Dragons. The garden beds are tended to by the Sock World Auxiliary Community Garden Volunteers, who meet every week to prune and gossip to their heart's content.

The Museum of Sock World is west of the hub, with the Grand Sock World Library And Learning Centre housed within the same building. As all museums are, the museum is a place where the history and heritage of Lost Socks and all of Sock World are honored and celebrated. Tales dating back to the First Lost Socks are given the highest honor and rightful place of importance. The Grand Sock World Library and Learning Centre is the hub of all knowledge, both past, and present. It is where all socks go to gather knowledge, share wisdom, and seek solutions to their Sock World problems.

As it turns out, and given my breadth and depth of knowledge, the Museum of Sock World with the Grand Sock World Library And Learning Centre is where I work. This narrating role is purely a hobby as I believe knowledge should be shared and told in story form. I am the administrator at the library and the head curator at the museum - roles befitting my experience and tenure

Just beyond the Grand Sock World Library And Learning Centre is The Laundromat. While it has some similarities with human world laundromats, the Sock World Laundromat offers Lost Socks much more than a rudimentary wash and press. The Laundromat is more like a spa center where Lost Socks bathe, refresh, and replenish. However, the magic of The Laundromat sees visiting socks acquire new skills and even elevate their attributes. The Laundromat is an annex that acts as a general store that sells Lost Socks all the bits and pieces they need to fulfill their daily goals and raise their capabilities. Regardless of the purpose of the visit, The Laundromat is an exciting place and a highlight in the day of any Lost Sock who visits

Back at The Sock World Central Meeting Hub, the Sock World Parks and Gardens are to the east. As the name suggests, the Sock World Parks and Gardens exist to provide a place of peace, relaxation, and beauty for all residents of Sock World. It is also an area of fun and frivolity for any sock - young or old - that wishes to play to their heart's content. The Park consists of wonderful play spaces with climbing frames, swings, and, of course, long sweeping slides. But, unlike any other community Park, there is a Bed Frame Trampoline Zone. You may wonder what on Sock World a Bed Frame Trampoline Zone could possibly be. Socks love to have fun, and there is no finer way than to bounce, leap, and twirl on a springy mattress with more bounce than a standard trampoline

The Gardens part of Sock World Parks and Gardens is a sprawling area of trees, fields of grass, and intertwining pathways. Lost Socks love spending a relaxing afternoon or a morning run exploring the Gardens. The Gardens encircle the Park like a warm woody embrace and provide natural protection to Park users. The grand entrance to the Sock World Parks and Gardens is punctuated by a glorious stone fountain complete with ponds and a grand statue of The Laundry God. When not splashing in the lagoon, many of the younger Lost Socks will be found frolicking in the shallow pool of the fountain

If you thought that the Laundromat and the Parks and Gardens were exciting places to visit, wait until you hear about the Beach Club. Sock World's Lost Sock residents love to party and have fun, and nothing is more fun than hanging out at the Sock World Tiki Bar and Beach Club. It's a multi-faceted entertainment venue with indoor and outdoor dining, an outdoor stage area for live Lost Sock performances, and of course, Sock World's only dance floor. There is rarely a Lost Sock in all of Sock World who doesn't love to dance. I personally don't understand the methodology and moves of some of the younger socks, nor can I fathom the popularity of socks doing 'the worm.'

Downtown Sock World is a hub of entertainment, relaxation, and contemplation. It is where all Lost Socks go daily to explore, meet friends, and experience the wonders of Sock World. It seems that I have grown weary in the telling of this tale, and dare say I need a short nap. The inner realm is just one-half of all that Sock World offers. In time I will call upon you again to sit a spell and hear tell of the outer regions of Sock World and unravel the mysteries of The Laundry God.