🍃 Introducing Wayne 🍁

Tribe: Righties

Appearance: Wayne is a sloppy green sock. He always has something stuck to his side - dirt, leaf, twig. It's hard to tell if Wayne is a long or short sock because of his loose elastic.

Characteristics: Wayne is a bit of a mess. He sleeps in, is always late, and forgets most jobs assigned to him

Story: Wayne is what we commonly call a hot mess! He is a good-looking sock under the grubbiness, pulled threads, and sloppy elastic that was part of a vibrant duo always out on the town. Wayne's human was a kindergarten teacher who adored children. He always wore brightly colored socks to kinder as the children loved calling out the colors when he walked in the room. Wayne also had a lot of pride and always stood tall and straight. It is thought that during the Great Darning, Wayne bumped his head a little. He is now a sock with very little pride or attention to his own appearance. He slouches, ambles, and is thought of as 'odd' and 'dorky' by Sock World's community. He is still a friendly chap, if a little shy to begin with. It's odd that most socks transform into refreshed, mended versions of themselves during the Great Darning. Not Wayne - the opposite seems to have happened