🌈 Introducing Stripes 🌈

Tribe: Lefties

Appearance: Mid-calf height bamboo sock with rainbow stripes and a black heel.

Characteristics: Calm and peaceful. The sensible one in the group. Liked by all and respected by most. Other socks go to Stripes for advice. Stripes are non-gendered

Story: Stripes came from a happy home where they were well cared for, washed regularly, and only ever line-dried. They loved their Rightie twin and would curl up together in a ball at night. Stripes and their twin had a lot of pride when pulled up tight on their human's legs. Their bright rainbow colors show that they accepted all and welcomed diversity. Stripes still grieve for their twin and the pairing they shared. The Great Darning was a horrible blow to Stripes, and to this day, they miss their twin. Stripes' Great Darning was a mistake. The human had gone away, and the human who came to look after the cats had put Stripes in the dryer without their twin. The next thing Stripes knew, they woke up lying in the grass on a hill in Sock World