👴 Introducing Roger 👴

Tribe: Lefties

Appearance: Knee-high beige thick wool sock with a thick fold at the top (bottom).

Characteristics: Roger is the oldest sock in Sock World and, as such, takes on a fatherly role amongst the community. He is often out of touch with current trends and ideals

Story: Roger and his equally daggy twin lived his life in a draw neatly lined with countless identical pairs of beige knee-high socks. Roger suspected that this twin was not his natural sibling. Instead, Roger was paired with a new twin after each wash. Their human worked as a primary school principal, and Roger was at eye level with many students. Despite the care and order, Roger's human applied to all the socks in the drawer, Roger's Great Darning came the day that his human retired from his job. Freed of the school dress code, the human felt liberated and piled all of the beige knee-high socks into a garbage bag and dropped them off at a charity collection bin. The human had taken up sandals wearing - without socks! Roger never came out of that garbage bag – he woke dazed and confused in Sock World