🦩 Introducing Pinky 🦩

Tribe: Righties

Appearance: Knee-high sock with two-tone pink stripes.

Characteristics: Always looking down on other socks because of her knee-high height. Tends to be dramatic and a little self-absorbed. Disagrees that the Lefties are the enlightened ones

Story: Pinky is the sort of sock that didn't even like her own twin and, despite being identical, believed that she was the prettier of the two. Pinky and her twin loved going to middle school with their human as they were the cutest socks in the whole of Year 9. Pinky tends to be jealous of everyone and, as a result, acts as though she is better than everyone. This behavior gets Pinky into trouble and actually causes her own Great Darning. Pinky's jealousy towards her own twin saw her constantly looking for ways to make them disappear. She tried everything from stuffing her twin down the back of the drawer to pushing them off the dresser. But as much as she tried to do away with her twin, the twin was always found by the human who loved the pair together. Pinky can't remember her Great Darning. She suddenly appeared standing alone in the middle of Sock World - clueless. Perhaps it was intervention by the Laundry God to teach her the value of getting along and to see the value in others. Until then, Pinky blames everyone, including the Laundry God, for her fate