🤍 Introducing Francine 🤍

Tribe: Lefties

Appearance: Fancy white crew cotton sock with a double ring of white lace.

Characteristics: Francine is a delightful sock with a generous spirit and heart. She tends to see the good in every sock and every situation. However, her over-optimism sometimes annoys her companions

Story: Francine and her twin were the finest of cotton socks lovingly crafted by a kind-hearted and forever optimistic human seamstress. It seems that the human's own characteristics rubbed off on Francine and her twin. As a frilly sock, Francine lived in canvas beach shoes and delighted in being out and about with her twin. While a showy sock, she was humble and fun to be around. Francine's Great Darning is a simple case of lost property. Her human had spent the day at the beach, and when out swimming in the bay, the twin socks were tucked into the canvas shoes. There Francine sat waiting patiently to be put back on and worn home to a hot soak in the machine. But Francine's human didn't wear her home. She was in a hurry and chose to slip into her shoes without the fancy socks. At some point, Francine was dropped, and the rising tide threatened to carry her off. Francine woke up choking on pond water in the Sock World park. Being the optimist, Francine is convinced that her twin will one day show up in Sock World, reuniting them. Some would say that Francine is a little 'ditsy' and 'oblivious' to what's happening around her. However, it would also be fair to say that Francine misses her twin like a part of her heart was missing. Surely that kind of loss would make the best of us distracted at times