🎾 Introducing Speedy 🎾

The Laundry God brings all lost socks to Sock World and allows both Righties and the Enlightened Lefties to be themselves and live their best sock lives. Each Lost Sock arrives in Sock World with various characteristics and personality traits as part of The Great Darning. I will share with you their name, tribe, appearance, characteristics, and a brief telling of their story. So sit back, relax, and prepare to learn more about some unique Lost Socks.

Name: Speedy

Tribe: Righties

Appearance: Sports sock with three thin stripes - red, blue, red. 

Characteristics: Speedy in all he does. The way he moves, thinks, and speaks. Tends to have a lot of nervous energy. Everyone is always telling him to slow down. Being a sport sock, he is a little whiffy.

Story: Speedy spent his time in the human world as a pro-athlete. Or at least, his human was a pro-athlete. The human was a tennis star travelling the world from one Grand Slam event to another. Speedy and his equally zippy twin were the human's lucky socks. Most sporting stars have superstitions and trinkets to spur on good luck. Speedy loved the action and endurance of being a sports sock. He would end a match soaked in sweat…likely not his own given how damp the tennis shoes got. Speedy's Great Darning was a two-fold tragedy. While traveling by plane to the Australian Open, the duffle bag that Speedy was loosely tossed inside split open. The turbulence threw Speedy into the depths of the cargo hold. Alone, cold, and scared, Speedy cringed in fear. He woke in Sock World clinging to a signpost. His human's lucky streak ended, and he was soon beaten in every match he played.