A collection of
2500 Lost Socks

If you've ever wondered where your favorite Lost Sock has gone, it's likely in Sock World. The Laundry God and the Great Darning took them all! These socks have re-emerged in the metaverse and come together to play.


Price: 0.069 ETH

A collection of
5000 Lost Socks

If you've ever wondered where your favorite Lost Sock has gone, it's likely in Sock World. The Laundry God and the Great Darning took them all! These socks have re-emerged in the metaverse and come together to play.


Price: TBA ETH 
per Lost Sock


1-of-1 variations

Every Lost Sock is a unique 1-of-1 with over 150+ possible traits, including backgrounds, sock hands, eyewear, accessories and much more.


Genesis socks
Sock hands


500 lefties
2000 righties

The Lefties are a humble, accepting, and patient tribe of Lost Socks blessed by the Laundry God and offered sanctuary in Sock World. The Laundry God smiled upon the Lefties and through the Great Darning, they were granted Enlightened Socks status. These socks are rare and hold more power in Sock World.

Once the favored First Sock of humans, the Righties Lost Socks were placed in Sock World by the Laundry God. As part of The Great Darning, the Righties arrived in Sock World as the Unenlightened Of All Socks.



Sale Activations

Once the target sales percentage is hit, Lost Socks holder benefits unlocked for those who stake their socks.

IRL Prizes

$5000 worth of IRL prizes will be sent to mints between 500 - 1500, including custom NFTframed prints from IRLNFT, Lost Socks Hoodies, T-shirts, beanies and Lost Socks NFTs.

CyberKongz VX Airdrop

CyberKongz VX #13894 from our peronsal collection will be randomly airdropped to a Lost Socks holder that has staked their socks, within 1 week of mint out. Estimated value 2.5ETH or $7500USD

10 ETH

10 ETH or approximate $30,000 USD will be randomly airdropped to a Lost Socks holder that has staked their socks, within 2 weeks of our mint out.

VX launch - The Great Darning

It’s time to get your own VX!

All Lost Socks genesis NFTs will transition to Sock World. The adventure continues with our partnership on The Sandbox, with a play & earn game that is in development with our metaverse partner. Your VX is your ticket to Sock World.

Road Map

Phase 1

Lost Socks Genesis & Sock 4 Sock Initiative

The journey begins with our 2,500 genesis Lost Socks collection. Once sold out, our first order of business is to make a $15,000 donation to our selected children's charities (Shoesthatfit.org & Kidscan.org.nz). We believe all children deserve a pair of socks, shoes, and opportunity in the world. We call this our Sock 4 Sock initiative, and we look forward to growing our impact with future donations from our IRL product sales and any future mints.

IRL Lost Socks Products & Free Care Package

We will design, manufacture and sell our own IRL products, starting with our own Lost Socks and all genesis Lost Socks holders will get a free, sock care package, shipped to their door IRL. We then plan to launch our online eCommerce brand and store. A direct to consumer approach, our IRL brand will drive further awareness towards our metaverse project, creating high quality products that you want to wear and use every day (trust us, we've tested them already).

$THREAD & Utility Deployed

We've been busy working on our $THREAD token and ecosystem, and it's time to launch it. All genesis Lost Socks will generate $THREAD via staking that will power the Lost Sock ecosystem, and will be integrated in everything we do moving forward. We have some pretty cool stuff planned, and we'll be rolling out utility as soon as $THREAD is launched. $THREAD is a utility token that carries no economic value, 1 $THREAD = 1 $THREAD

VX Collection

We will launch a VX collection that will be metaverse ready. You will need a VX Lost Sock to explore Sock World and participate in our future game. Holders of our genesis Lost Socks NFT will be able to mint one VX with $THREAD, per genesis Lost Sock they hold. We will also have a public mint sale, expanding our reach and making our brand more accessible.

Laundromat Is Open

Our laundromat is open, exclusively accepting $THREAD for an exciting range of items, accessories and wearables. It also looks like the Laundry God has paid a visit...

Phase 2

Sock World

We've partnered with a world leading metaverse agency that has developed some of the biggest brands on The Sandbox over the past year. We will share the metaverse builders with you all soon. We can't wait to launch Sock World with you all.

Let The Games Begin

Our game is ready to be unleashed, play, earn and enjoy the ride!

Our Team

Lost Socks was founded by couple, Ashley and Antix. However, we couldn’t of done it alone. We assembled an awesome team with our goal to spread happiness and make a positive impact on the world.


Co-Founder: Strategy & Execution


Co-Founder: Artist & Community




Voxel Designer


Advisor and Dev






Concept Artist

asked questions

How were the Lost Socks created?

Every element of our genesis Lost Socks collection was hand-drawn on a tablet by Ashley. Ashley and Antix worked together on the concepts and story along with our creative team, to bring Sock World to life. We will be posting weekly lore on our website and discord, so you can learn more about the Lost Socks of Sock World!

Mint Date?

12th March, 2022.

How much does each lost sock cost?

0.069 ETH

How many lost socks were created?

We have created only 2,500 genesis Lost Socks. These are the only NFTs that will generate $THREAD ever. Keep them close.

Where does my NFT go once purchased?

Your Lost Socks NFT will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase your Lost Socks. You can see Lost Socks)on Opensea. (https://opensea.io/account)


$THREAD is a deflationary utility token that powers the Lost Socks ecosystem. It will be used to make changes to your NFT's, to purchase weapons and accessories that can be used in Sock World, and used for governance and voting through snapshot.org. You can read more about our tokenomics here.

VX and Laundromat wen?

Closer than you think ;)

Who have you partnered with?

We have several partners including our friends from JPEGdealers who are our NFT development team that will be building out future planned phases for our project. Our selected childrens charities include (Shoesthafit.org & Kidscan.org.nz), We have also partnered with metaverse and game builders that will be shared with you soon. Our ethos is to be transparent, to build first, and show second, and to deliver value. We'd love to share everything, but we'd hate to be front-run. When we share something with our community, it's already in deep discovery and production, not just an idea on the day. We'll be looking to partner with other projects and platforms in the future. Think we could be a good fit? Send a message to our team hello@lostsocks.io or say hello on twitter, and we can chat.